Bold. Joyful. Responsible.


Go ahead ask me…

Who are you?

I’m a design obsessed, world-traveling, former-midwesterner, Texan, wife, mama, red-headed Sagittarius who loves football, weekends in New York City, coffee, and folk art. My formal education is in Interior Design & my career experience comprises a variety of wardrobe styling, retail-merchandising, team management, interiors, & jewelry design.

Do you make everything?

Yes, currently, RMA Creative is a one-woman operation. I source, design, make, and ship all physical goods in the shop as well as host design workshops, and offer in-home consultations.

Your use a lot of second-hand goods and textiles in your work. Isn’t it “dirty?”

Most brand new goods that we purchase have traveled a path of foreign manufacturing facility, chemical treatment, containerization, overseas travel, and warehouse storage. That “new car” smell in our shopping bags that we love is actually toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process. All goods that we purchase are “dirty.” Second-hand goods have the benefit of having off-gassed their toxins already. Raw materials purchased second-hand by RMA Creative have been laundered in a natural detergent before transforming into a finished product and have the added benefit of utilizing resources that already exist.